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uk canada goose For Christmas, I got an Apple Watch, so I decided to add exercise in to my routine. I started swimming 3 times per week. I also started cycling around my city more. 5 points submitted 1 day agoMake sure that in all photos you have your fuel bar open/pinned. For the photos you should have a photo of your craft/weight and parts, you taking off from kerbin, your orbit burn, a photo of your orbit, your burn to the mun, your trajectory to the mun, your mun encounter/periapse, your orbit burn at the mun, your mun orbit, your Lunar module deorbit burn, you landing, your landing site, your take off from the mun, your mun orbit, a photo of every orbit it took you to rendezvous with the command module, you docking with the command Module, your burn back to kerbin (you do NOT need too bring back the Lunar Module with you), your trajectory to kerbin, you entering the atmosphere of kerbin, you landing at kerbin. You can also include any other photos you feel are necessary to prove you did the mission.Make sure to include any photos you feel is necessary to prove you completed a certain difficulty objective.chotch37 7 points submitted 5 days agoI posted this in the main KSP sub but didn get much love. uk canada goose

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