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Yup. I had first and second degree tears with my pregnancies and the recovery from both was way faster and less painful than friends who have had c sections. That said, any vaginal trauma can be painful and completely sucks, but I think a lot of people make the whole birth experience out to be way worse than it is.

I think this is also why the concept of the is so prevalent. Women are used to being canada goose coats uk emotionally open with their female friends so when we make male friends we share with them and form emotional intimacy. To us it not romantic, it just how we talk to our friends.

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Multiply that by a few workstations and it becomes a lot easier to simply “prepare everything beforehand” then just distribute it. It saves so much time and effort, and reduces the amount of technical support you need to provide your team. It also allows you to have a standardised environment across workstations, servers and cloud instances so you know your code works for sure..

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