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For a genuine pigout, order the pulled pork sliders, in which braised and spiced shoulder meat is canada goose on black friday tucked into miniature potato buns. The pork is not real barbecue, but it’s also not a standard Lyman’s Slider, whose dominant flavor comes from its sweet pickle chips. The best slider experience may be meatless: The baby grilled cheese plate offers a trio of inside out potato rolls, buttered and layered with American cheese.

By day they also provide shade for pedestrians and at night there is a dramatic light show canada goose black friday instagram complete with a soaring cinematic score. It’s a very popular feature with hundreds grabbing a seat under one of the “Supertrees” or lying back on the ground to watch the free presentation. You can also enjoy the sunset from one of the aerial ramps linking the trees, or grab a drink at the IndoChine bar located at the top of a Supertree.

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