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canada goose uk outlet You can also get it with milk, canada goose mystique uk but compared to a latte it will be a lot less milk 13 points submitted 6 months agoHmmm, I think it would be tough trying to create a hot doubleshot just because of the fact that it’s shaken and a majority of the drink is espresso and water (melted ice from being shaken) and then topped with milk so I think an americano with a splash of soy would be your best bet as far as mimicking the exact build but I would canada goose expedition uk recommend adding some classic syrup to it as the doubleshot usually comes with classic.Also, although a flat white is traditionally made with whole milk, it can definitely be done canada goose t shirt uk with soy/other alternatives so I would recommend that as well (you can also add classic syrup to this to mimic the doubleshot if you wish) 5 points submitted canada goose outlet 80 off 6 months agoI thought this same thing when canada goose parka uk sale I started. What I usually do is if there’s both a person driving to the window and to the box at the same time, I’ll make one of them wait until I’m almost done with the other. So if I see the window person first, I’ll tell the person at the box that I’ll be with them shortly, then I’ll take the payment for the window, ask the person what they want at the box, type it in and send it, and finish the window transaction canada goose uk outlet.