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(Kicks the hive once again for you that Bee dumb about nature and choices people make about pet ownership with individual preferences involved. Also the comparisons to factory farmed animals which I was also told who gives a fuck about those animals living conditions! My cats my friend and companion. Not my prisoner!) Pffftttt..

What makes it miserable for me are the canada goose outlet online uk coworkers. Somehow there’s always, always, drama and somehow I always end up involved without even meaning to. Somebody took something I said the wrong way, somebody misheard me, etc. Annnnddd being called a cock tease before gives me an inking I’m not easy. How you react to it is all about your own perception 🙂 This did happen to me when my dad died. I was 8 and a half months pregnant and lost my father when I was 24 years old.

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