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/u/leemcd56 claim was that GML was limited by the fact that it has to be loaded, parsed, and ran when called. But that exactly what your typical JS engine is doing. In fact, it doing a hell of a lot more than GML because, like you note, it using a JIT.

canada goose uk shop I think this one’s pretty up for interpretation because the line is soooo blurred. Anxiety can definitely fall into both categories, as can depression. However, genetic depression would only fall into one.. This all without the convenience of computers, e mail, and other things to keep the process moving.GRRM can take however much time he wants, whatever. It obviously a pretty extreme example to compare GRRM to Tolstoy but it a way to put GRRM pace in perspective. If Tolstoy could canada goose sale uk pull together War and Peace in that span of time without a computer to help with the research, writing, and revising, it hard to justify GRRM canada goose uk harrods taking so long to write 2/3 of a fantasy novel with all of those conveniences other than his lack of discipline and/or initiative. canada goose uk shop

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