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The Browns are gonna be great when times are good but that team doesn have the emotional maturity to maintain if they start losing, especially with a first time HC at the helm. Baker doesn seem like the type of leader who can corral OBJ and Jarvis Landry and their attitudes, especially during a losing streak and them 2 negatively feeding off each other. Can buy team chemistry in free agency.

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Here my take on Tim Burton; I don know if he been phoning it in for the last 15 or so years or if he become so attached to his personal style that it comes off being try hard edgy and thus easily mistaken for phoning it in, and that the problem, he hasn grown as a filmmaker. As somebody who grew up on his films in the 80s and 90s, I remember Burton being an innovator, he made movies like nobody else made movies and for the era, it set him apart from his peers. Now in 2019, the gimmick has been stale for a while, he “Dark Lite,” commercialized angst film making to produce swag for Hot Topic.

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