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I love trees and more importantly I also love /r/trees. I love that you guys have that sticky up letting ents know about their elected representatives stance on the illegality of cannabis, that to me is like one of the single best things this community can do to illuminate Americans on who is stopping cannabis from being legal in the US. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and by stickying that post up there for all 1.3 million ents to see, it shining a shitload of light on the infection in this country..

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Canada Goose online But Davis is not alone canada goose coats on sale in his ineptitude. Baseball’s history has been littered with dubious streaks. We’ve rounded up a few to see how unlucky, in terms of odds, some of these players and teams have been. At one point people thought the sun revolving around the earth was objective reality, because it so “obvious”. Shit, there are people in the present day who still believe the earth is flat. We just starting to find out that gender isn as binary as we think it is, there are other factors at play than canada goose outlet locations genitalia. Canada Goose online

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cheap canada goose uk One is interested in pulling the rug out from anybody, he said about potential losses of health insurance once a repeal is implemented. Believe that it absolutely imperative that individuals that have health coverage be able to keep health coverage and move, hopefully, to greater choices and opportunities for them to gain the kind of coverage that they want for themselves and for their families. He went through the confirmation cheap canada goose outlet process, Price faced accusations of insider trading after it was revealed that he bought shares in a medical device company last year and then introduced legislation in the House to help the company less than a week later cheap canada goose uk.